Our web development experience and skills comprise the following:

  • Development experience

    Development lead on e-learning product for Department of Work and
    Pensions (DWP), named Missing Instruments of Payment (IOPs).
    Product is interview simulator for frontline staff, using live-action
    video to portray eight 'virtual' customers. Developed script-to-screen
    build engine, generating final HTML direct from scripts.

    Developed comprehensive dynamic intranet for communications
    company Orange. As development lead, designed and implemented
    Oracle 9i back end, linking to ColdFusion 5.0 front end, with
    database and application server on Solaris OS. Advanced Content
    Management System (CMS) permits extensive site maintenance.

    Public projects include flat HTML site CMS for UK Parliament
    parliament.uk and Chichester District Council chichester.gov.uk.
    CMS developed using ColdFusion, linked to SQL Server 2000,
    on Solaris. Full site search engine created with Verity.

    Also HERO hero.ac.uk, the official gateway for UK universities,
    colleges and research organisations, and database driven site with
    CMS for leading London law firm berwinleightonpaisner.com.

    Work on e-commerce and e-learning projects for the
    Royal Bank of Scotland, Lloyds TSB, PriceWaterHouseCoopers,
    American Express, Coca Cola, B&Q, KPMG, British Airways,
    the BBC, and Vodaphone.

    For rdconsultants.co.uk, developed this site, delivering complete
    website and email solution, including domain registration and
    hosting and email forwarding.

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  • Technical skills

    XML / XSLT   HTML / DHTML   CSS   Java / JavaScript

    ColdFusion 5   C#  / ASP  / ASP.NET   Perl   Verity   ISS

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