We possess a wide range of realtime embedded skills:

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 7.0 for x86

    C++ VXD device driver development for an embedded PC-based
    metal analysis instrument, ionising a metal sample with an electric
    arc in argon, and analysing the resulting spectrum with a CCD.

  • Borland C++ 4.5 With Paradigm Embedded x86 Libraries

    Design, code and document of embedded x86 C++ firmware for an
    object request broker and settings manager, as part of a
    laser scanning microscope.

  • Altera NIOS Soft Core CPU C compiler and assembler

    For production, port of aforementioned microscope firmware to the
    NIOS Soft Core CPU. Also, port of microscope scan generator in
    C and assembler from an x86 / ADSP2181 DSP platform to NIOS.

  • DIAB C++ 4.1a / OSE RTOS for 68K

    C++ on an OSE Real Time Operating System (RTOS) platform,
    for a Motorola 68K based marshalling board, being part of an
    industrial battery analysis instrument.

  • ADSP-2100 Family C compiler (G21) and assembler

    DSP assembler firmware for an ADSP2181-based multichannel
    voltage acquisition card, main board and temperature acquisition
    and control board, within the above instrument.

  • Keil Electronik C51 / PLM51 / A51 / RTX-51 RTOS for 805x

    During five years of a permanent position, design and program of
    the process interface module subsystem of a Triple Modular
    Redundant process control system. This comprised writing
    firmware running on three embedded 805x microcontrollers (μCs)
    included on each field I/O module, plus supporting MS-DOS
    resource compiler.

    The firmware is a monolithic, configurable operating system and
    application combination, with features including own
    implementation LZSS decompression, inter-μC synchronization
    and voting, software I/O serialization, linear I/O interpolation,
    and continuous memory test, comprising ROM checksum and
    RAM address and data bus and cell test.

  • Comsol polyFORTH / chipFORTH for x86 / 8051/32

    ASCII / Forth serial interface module running polyFORTH, and
    Fire and Gas modules running chipFORTH.

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