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  • Turbomachinery control

        Client: IOM Triconex
    Client location: Crawley,
      West Sussex

    Project periods:  June 2004 - December 2010  (77 months)
    May 2002 - May 2004  (24 months)
    October 2001 - March 2002  (5 months)

    Turbomachinery control projects for steam and gas turbines and
    motor drives, for compressors, pumps and generators.
    Control comprises speed and steam inlet and extraction pressure,
    compressor antisurge, and generator Automatic Voltage
    Regulation (AVR). Prior to this, Fire & Gas and
    Emergency Shutdown projects.

    Control software is programmed using IEC1131-3 Function Block
    Diagrams, running on the Tricon and Trident triplicated
    fault-tolerant control systems.

    Applications comprise power generation, boiler feedwater
    turbopumps, process gas compression, steam header pressure
    regulation, process recovery, pipeline pressurization,
    and LNG liquefaction.

    Also development of project autobuild, custom sequence of
    event recording, time synchronization, data capture and analysis,
    protocol conversion, and HMI development, in C++ and VBA.

  • Laser scanning microscope

        Client: Bio-Rad Microscience
    Client location: Hemel Hempstead,

    Project period: February 2002 - May 2002  (3 months)

    Design, code and document of embedded C++ firmware for a
    project codenamed Eagle Eye. The project is the development of a
    reduced cost laser scanning microscope, alternating settings and
    mechanisms including motorised emission filters within 30ms
    between a single laser source and photomultiplier tube.

    The project included design of an object request broker, permitting
    arbitrary location of setting controls on any CANbus node
    within the microscope, and access to controls from any node.
    Also a settings manager, which stores and alternately applies
    settings at 10Hz to distributed nodes.

    For production, the firmware is being ported from an x86-platform
    to the NIOS configurable Soft Core CPU. Lastly, the microscope
    scan generator was ported from an x86 / ADSP2181 DSP platform
    to NIOS.

  • Battery / metal analysis instruments

        Client: Solartron Analytical
    Client location: Farnborough, Hampshire

    Project period: January 2001 - September 2001  (7 months)

    Primarily writing of the DSP assembler firmware for an
    ADSP2181-based multichannel voltage acquisition card, being part
    of an industrial battery analysis instrument. The firmware performs
    asynchronous acquisition on dual voltage channels, performing
    continuous autoranging and on demand self test, including
    zero offset and calibration.

    In addition, DSP assembler for the ADSP2181-based main board
    and temperature acquisition and control board, and C++ on an
    OSE RTOS platform for the 68K-based marshalling board.

    External to the instrument, development in Visual C++ on an
    ActiveX custom control, running on the PC, including a double
    buffered parser for the instrument data and command stream.
    Also enhancement of the Visual Basic user application and
    development utilities, running on the PC.

    Web development comprised expanding an intranet to
    document the above.

    Lastly, development in C++ on a VXD device driver for an embedded
    PC-based metal analysis instrument. A metal sample was ionised
    with an electric arc in argon, analysing the resulting spectrum with
    a CCD.

  • Audio CD recorder

        Client: Philips Semiconductors
    Client location: Southampton, Hampshire

    Project period: July 2000 - January 2001  (6 months)

    A realtime embedded project, providing software support for an
    IC codenamed Lizard, intended for use in Philips' next generation
    of consumer audio CD recorders. Lizard includes a 805x
    microcontroller core.

    The project included writing a Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL),
    software automatic gain control, and validation programs, running
    on the 805x, plus an I2C data transfer utility, and emulator scripts
    to assist testing, in C and Basic.

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