We have the following Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
development experience:

  • Triconex IEC1131-3 function block diagrams,
    statement text and ladder logic

    Turbomachinery control projects for steam and gas turbines and
    motor drives, for compressors, pumps and generators.
    Control comprises speed and steam inlet and extraction pressure,
    compressor antisurge, and generator Automatic Voltage
    Regulation (AVR). Prior to this, Fire & Gas and
    Emergency Shutdown projects.

    Control software is programmed using IEC1131-3 Function Block
    Diagrams, running on the Tricon and Trident triplicated
    fault-tolerant control systems.

    Applications comprise power generation, boiler feedwater
    turbopumps, process gas compression, steam header pressure
    regulation, process recovery, pipeline pressurization,
    and LNG liquefaction.

    Also development of custom sequence of event recording,
    time synchronization, and protocol conversion.

  • ABB August Triguard ladder logic

  • General Electric LogicMaster ladder logic

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