David presently holds a senior position with a control
systems company.

David specializes in turbomachinery control applications,
realtime embedded programming, processor level coding,
and desktop applications programming.

David's skills, CV and availability are as follows:

  • Skills

    David has skills in the following areas. See his CV for full details.

    • Programmable Logic Controller programming

      Triconex IEC1131-3 function block diagrams,
        statement text and ladder logic
      ABB August Triguard ladder logic
      General Electric LogicMaster ladder logic

    • Realtime embedded programming

      Microsoft Visual C++ 7.0 for x86
      Borland C++ 4.5 With Paradigm Embedded x86 Libraries
      Altera NIOS Soft Core CPU C compiler and assembler
      DIAB C++ 4.1a / OSE RTOS for 68K
      ADSP-2100 Family C compiler (G21) and assembler
      Keil Electronik C51 / PLM51 / A51 / RTX-51 RTOS for 805x
      Comsol polyFORTH / chipFORTH for x86 / 8051/32

    • Processor level coding

      x86   68K   NIOS   805x/32   AT90Sx   6502   Z80
      ADSP21xx   TMS320C2x

    • Web development

      XML / XSLT   HTML / DHTML   CSS   Java / JavaScript
        C# / ASP / ASP.NET   Perl

    • PC desktop application programming

      Microsoft Developer Studio    Microsoft Visual Basic
      Microsoft Visual C++   for Applications (VBA)
      Borland C++ Builder Microsoft QBasic
      Microsoft Visual Basic Comsol PolyForth

    • Database development

      Borland dBase   Nantucket Clipper

    • Legacy COBOL development

      Micro Focus   LPI   Acucobol   Fujitsu Deskware
      Cobol 6.50

    • Configuration Management tools

      Microsoft Visual SourceSafe   Continuus CM
      MKS RCS   PVCS

  • Curriculum Vitae

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    David's CV here

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  • Availability

    David King is presently unavailable for contract work.

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