RD Consultants Limited was formed in March 2000, to undertake
software related contracts and consultancy in a wide range of fields,
drawing on the differing skills of its cofounders.

Since that time, the company has been continuously occupied,
performing contracts requiring a variety of skills, including
realtime embedded programming, processor level coding,
desktop applications programming, and PLC programming.

RD Consultants has developed a favourable reputation in the marketplace,
now well established with a number of agencies and clients, with an
acknowledged proficiency in the execution of contracts.

The company is registered for VAT, and holds insurance for public and
employers' liability, professional indemnity, and legal expenses including
tax and VAT investigation, meeting its statutory obligations and
duty to clients. To view, print, or download certificates, click here.

RD Consultants personnel are Rene Soltermann and David King.
Since our experience and skills differ, we are able to undertake
contracts and consultancy in a broad spectrum of areas.

These include Web development, PC desktop applications,
database development, realtime embedded programming,
processor level coding, PLC programming, and legacy development.

That is why we believe we are the solution to your IT problems.

  • Rene Soltermann

    Rene holds a senior position with an e-learning solutions
    company. Rene oversees a number of projects and
    is responsible for their technical development. His role spans
    database driven dynamic websites, and e-commerce and
    e-learning websites and in-house training sites.

    Previously, Rene worked for a number of years in the engineering
    industry in the roles of Design Engineer and CAD/CAM
    programmer. Rene is an experienced AutoCAD draughtsman,
    and his graphic design and visualisation skills are now brought
    to bear in website design.

    Rene would be interested in freelance contracts
    . Rene is a Swiss-German speaker,
    and would consider short duration consultancy in Switzerland.

    Rene's interests include rugby, volleyball, and bicycle ball.

  • David King

    David specializes in Emergency Shutdown, Fire & Gas
    Detection and Turbomachinery Control applications in the
    Oil & Gas industry. Also, realtime embedded programming,
    processor level coding, and desktop applications programming.

    Since RD Consultants was formed, David has undertaken projects
    in each of these fields. Applications include production and refining
    complexes, and steam and gas turbines and motor drives for
    compressors, pumps and generators.

    Also, alarm synchronization, project autobuild, custom sequence
    of event recording, time synchronization, data capture and
    analysis, protocol conversion, and HMI development. Lastly,
    a laser scanning microscope, battery and metal analysis
    instruments, and an audio CD recorder chip.

    Prior to that, David worked for eight years in a permanent position
    with ABB August Limited (formerly August Systems Limited).

    During the last five years of that position, David designed and
    programmed the process interface module subsystem of a
    Triple Modular Redundant process control system.
    This comprised writing firmware running on three embedded
    microcontrollers, included on each field I/O module,
    plus supporting MS-DOS resource compiler.

    David's interests include cycling, hiking, and motor racing.

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